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Over 200 HQ images from the “Thor: The Dark World” World Premiere have been added to the gallery, thanks to Nicole for her help. I’m not much fond on Natalie’s outfit, mostly on her gown, but she still looked amazing.

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Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Christopher Eccleston on bringing The Dark World to life for the Marvel superhero sequel

London plays host to the premiere of Thor: The Dark World tonight ahead of its release on 30 October and our capital city also forms the backdrop of this sequel where the titular Norse god must hammer down evil in the shape of Malakith, an Elvish Christopher Eccleston.

As you’d expect from Marvel Studios, there’s a lot of post-modern wink-wink nudge-nudge, but when the cast sat down with RadioTimes.com, the ancient mythology seemed to hold just as much fascination.

“It’s intriguing to me that in the 20th Century, we’re still drawing on those old myths. That is interesting,” says Eccleston. “There are scenes we shot that aren’t in the final film that addressed a lot more of that Norse mythology and the relationship between Malakith and Odin [Anthony Hopkins].”

However, for the erstwhile Doctor Who it’s a bone of contention that some of that background work didn’t make the final cut. “There’s actually a very specific scene which, hopefully, will be on the Blu-Ray or the DVD that was significant in the motivation of my character. It’s not there now, but hopefully, my performance is still infused with some complexity.”

As the other villain of the piece, Tom Hiddleston, read the Prose Edda, an old Icelandic text, to get a more rounded view of Loki. “The very first line of Loki’s existence in the popular consciousness is, ‘Loki was the first deceiver, the cheater, the shape-shifter and the worst of all gods.’ And that’s a hell of a place to start.”

Reflecting on her initial decision to board the franchise, Natalie Portman noted, “It was such a weird combination of Norse mythology and a superhero and Ken Branagh. I thought ‘I have to do this’. It’s great because you have these classical themes underneath it all which is why it’s so compelling; the family structure with the father and the two sons, and one of them is biological, the other is adopted, and the tension between them. That really begins with classical tragedy.”

As the eponymous hammer-wielder, Chris Hemsworth was excited to delve into the classical theme of sibling rivalry and especially in this instalment, because those emotional undercurrents come to the surface when Thor must approach Loki for help. “With the big scene we have in the film, when they’re head-to-head and these big questions come out, we kept saying as we were altering that scene and work-shopping: What does Loki want?”

Hiddleston recalls the debate. “There is a huge question. As a trickster, an agent of chaos, does Loki want to win the game, or is it the game itself that he enjoys more? I think a lot of tricksters in all mythology have occupied that position. They exist to provoke, they exist to unsettle and, actually, they love chaos more than order – and that’s the interesting thing about where this film goes. Does he get what he wants?”
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Thanks a bunch to my friend Renee from our partner site katdennings.net we’ve got the HD screencaptures from Thor: The Dark World EPK stuff.

Movies > Thor 2 > Extras: B-Roll 1
Movies > Thor 2 > Extras: B-Roll 2
Movies > Thor 2 > Extras: Interview

And here below the related videos

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Natalie and Chris participated to The Graham Norton Show yesterday.

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Enjoy the 4 parts video of the interview uploaded on The Graham Norton Show Youtube Channel

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

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Thanks to my friend MiMi we’ve got the outtakes of Marie Claire’s issue with Natalie I posted you scans about it yesterday. So go in the gallery and enjoy them!

Studio Photoshoots > 2013 Sessions > #002

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Marie Claire USA covers its November issue with Natalie, enjoy the HQ scans I grabbed off from fashionscansremastered.net.

Magazine Scans > 2013 Scans > Marie Claire US – November 2013

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3 more stills of Natalie came out from Thor: The Dark World. Enjoy them in HQ in our gallery.

Movies > Thor 2 > Movie Stills

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